Al Fiume Restaurant , Vicenza

A unique sensorial journey into the sea's flavours

Al Fiume Restaurant

To eat well is an attitude

When we combine freshness and seasonality with quality and creativity the end result is sheer emotion.
The principal ingredient in our kitchen is fish. We painstakingly evaluate every single detail in order to ensure that each dish is a joy to the eyes, a pleasure for your sense of smell and an absolute delight for your palate.
The experience is made even more evocative by its location which overlooks the Old Town of Vicenza. The views from our panoramic balcony take in the nearby river and allows for a glimpse of the Basilica Palladiana.

Our "menù à la carte"

Everyday sees us select the best, freshest fish of the season enabling us to offer our guests high quality dishes satisfying every palate. Even the finest.

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