Al Fiume Restaurant

Where scenery and culture meet

The Al Fiume restaurant has been running since 2012 and takes its name from its location.
In fact, the restaurant overlooks the Retrone, one of the main rivers in Vicenza, and is situated at the entrance of the Old Town where scenery and culture meet.

From this angle, our gaze is drawn to the colours bursting out from the flowerpots that adorn the bridge throughout the year and whose colours change with the seasons, such a characteristic view really does deserve to be photographed. 
In the background, you can see the Basilica Palladiana, the jewel in the crown of the works of architect Andrea Palladio, an architectural achievement envied throughout the world.

All these images can be admired while comfortably dining on the panoramic balcony, the pride and joy of our restaurant, which creates a very intimate atmosphere.

The restaurant also has an elegant and modern indoor dining room, ideal for every occasion.

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